Psychosocial Linguistic Marketing

At iLifeMedia, we are Specialists in Psychosocial Linguistic Marketing 

Why? Well for one reason we coined the phrase. 

Secondly, because we are bringing together three different social sciences; psychology, sociology and linguistics, and then applying them to the profession of marketing. 

But why would this be of use or important? Well, psychology is the study of the mind and human behaviour, sociology is the study of society and social interactions and the way they affect human behaviour (as well as many other areas) and linguistics is the study of language. 

In the context of psychosocial studies we are looking at specifically, what linguistics or the use of language tells us about human behaviour. As marketers we know we can use this information to improve our marketing and communications impact.

The words people (our customers and prospects) use and how they use them tells us a lot about them (as individuals and as social groups) and the way they think. As marketers we can use this to ensure we are not only listening to our customers but also speaking their language in order to influence and engage them. 

We use a full range of skills, training, understanding and, of course, technology in order to understand the voice of our clients customers. 

Then we aid our clients in defining the psychosocial linguistic structure of their message to the customer; we help our clients talk their customers language to drive greater engagement.

From keyword research in SEO to social listening, face to face interactions and driving customer engagement and CX words, their use and meaning have always been key. 

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