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  1. my first two new blogs on marketing for change on insomniachat.com's advocates for change section are now out.

    The first is an introduction to me and my experience and the second is looking at the changing digital economy.

    The aim is for it to be a free resource for people to use to get to understand how they can use digital and behavioural marketing to give them a level of freedom but also to bring about real social change for the better.

    I will also be looking at how our data is used and how to arm ourselves against the digital onslaught of big business. 

    Two curreny blogs are here 

    Marketing for Change intro blog

    Marketing for change: the changing digita economy


    Don't just be the change you want to see in the world - influence it !!!


  2. Looking into why we get out and vote. What influences that decision to get up off our backsides and try to do something to change the world. As well as looking at how that decision is informed and influenced through digital and social media.

    As stated in yesterdays blog marketing companies, data science and behavioural science are all being used and we want to understand how and if they are influencing you. How and if you feel their influence and what drives you to vote and others not to.

    So we need volunteers that voted and those that didn’t so that we can draw a gap analysis on what those psychological and neurolinguistics drivers are.

    We will be conducting video interviews either in person in the UK or via Skype for those overseas. The interview should take around 30minutes depending on how much you have to say.

    Fill in the form at this web address and I will be in contact with you. Videos will only be reproduced and used with your written permission but if you do not want this and still want to take part that is fine.