Behavioural and Social Insights

There is a lot in the press about brands pulling their advertising from Google, Facebook and other online distribution channels due to these ads appearing on extremist or controversial websites.

On top of this brands, such as Lego and…

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Behavioural Marketing what is it?

In this podcast I explain in brief what I believe behavioural marketing and communication is.

To me, behavioural marketing is a mixture of behavioural science and commercialisation in multiple ways.

Understanding behavioural…

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Segmenting business markets and customers into groups and sub-groups is standard practice and good advice for most marketers and businesses. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google and other digital ecosystems allow marketers to target customers by…

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Digital Marketing

Podcast 3 Behavioural Marketing
Podcast 2 of Psychology of Digital Marketing 101
Podcast 1 of Psychology of Marketing

Customer Insight

Direct Marketing

What we discuss

taking Behavioural Insights to help redesign user experience bringing about optimised conversion and real change

  • digital, direct & database marketing knowledge, techniques & technology advice from basic to advanced level understanding
  • behavioural marketing & predictive analytics
  • communications psychology, linguistic analysis and 
  • customer insight, experience & conversion rate optimisation

From SEO to PPC & programmatic advertising all the way through to behavioural and social science we aim demystify the mindboggling to inform, educate and help organisations and people make a positive change in the world.   


Marketing Mentalist via Twitter
So I needed to write my thoughts on Protecting your Brand Advertising from Extremist Content - http://bit.ly/2n6jbb4  #DigitalMarketing
Sam O'Prey published an article
There is a lot in the press about brands pulling their advertising from Google, Facebook and other…
Marketing Mentalist via Twitter
'Make sure your ad doesn't end up by Isis video' digital analysts need to be vigilant profilers of traffic sources http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-39298287 
Marketing Mentalist via Twitter

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Ok so my horizons have expanded and my interests have grown. As a digital and direct marketer for more than 15 years I have been asking what else? How can I use my skills for good? Inspired by the Behavioural Insights team amongst others I have…

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