Freelance SEO, Digital & Data-driven Marketing Specialist

Using Behavioural Insights to Optimise Conversion Rates in Marketing from Visitors Surfing to Paying/Subscribing Customers

Search Engine and Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management - digital and direct

With over 15 years’ experience in SEO / Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing I can not only get you the results you need in your search engine rankings, I can improve the relevance of the visitors to your website, optimise their experience whist on your site and convert them into paying customers !!!

Results and Data Driven, Creative Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation and SEO

Working freelance from my home town of Telford in Shropshire in the UK I can cover both local and global marketing campaigns using big data analytics and machine learning technology, digital marketing and SEO needs for clients as well as advising charities and not for profits on using data science, digital marketing and behavioural insights to get results in their social marketing and behavioural change campaigns


What does this all mean to you?

Vastly improved, more targeted and optimised Digital Marketing with great results!

Bringing better return on investment, more targeted visitors and the most essential of all = more paying customers / subscribers or supporters !!!

Digital Marketing is changing - its data driven, its targeted and it is personal



Profiled to each individual; their tastes, desires, needs, wants and social identity; no matter what device they use or where they are in the world ! 

Welcome to a new era of 

Digital Data-driven Behavioural Marketing 

welcome to iLife Media 


google insights

Low rates and pro bono work for charities, social enterprises and causes we believe in. Using SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing and Direct Marketing techniques mixed with social science to get your message across and bring about real change!!!

Have you had a drop in search engine results recently ?

Check to see if there is any weather detected on the search engine algorithm front

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You have probably heard a lot of the words below, but what do they mean? How could they benefit (or harm) your business?

At iLife Media we aim to take the jargon, ambiguity and smokes n' mirrors out of digital marketing.  

We will explain the concepts to you in plain English, we will analyse whether these could work for your site and we will set out a strategic plan of action.

Remarketing or retargeting, what’s the difference?

Programmatic ad buying & optimal ad placement, to the user at the right time, RTB – Real Time Bidding and Ad exchanges what are they about? How could they benefit your online marketing spend?



PPC - Pay per click, pay per impression

Google AdwordsFacebook Advertising Exchange, Search and display network advertising, Microsoft Advertising

They are all words that you can lose yourself in the meaning of – we hope to help you understand them and get what you want

“Targeted marketing advertising & design  – to the people you want – at the moment they want it”

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